Vellore Same Day Return Tour Package

Vehicle Type
Seating Capacity
Rental Rates
Chennai to Vellore to Chennai
Toyota Etios
4 + 1
₹ 6800/-
Chennai to Vellore to Chennai
Toyota Innova
6 or 7 + 1
₹ 7900/-
Chennai to Vellore to Chennai
Innova Crysta
6 + 1
₹ 11,400/-
Chennai to Vellore to Chennai
9 + 1
₹ 7400/-
Chennai to Vellore to Chennai
Tempo Traveller
12 / 13 (14 seater on request)
₹ 9600/-


  • Above Charges includes Km Charges, Driver Allowance , Diesel Charges, Toll Charges
  • Airport parking and General Parking if any payable by Guest
  • Number of days for usages same day
  • Charges is Valid for 500 kms Usages
  • Beyond 500 Kms will be charged at Rs.11 /- per Kms for Etios / Dezire, Rs.20/- per Kms for innova Crysta, Rs.13/- per Kms for innova, Rs.12/- per Kms for Tavera and Rs.16/- per Kms for Force Tempo Traveler respectively
  • If any Additional Day usage then the Minimum coverage of 250 kms per day is Applicable and additional driver batta is applicable per day

In and Around Vellore

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VELLORE – SRIPURAM Golden Temple – goddess Mahalakshmi

At a distance of 10 km from Vellore Town Railway Station, 70 Kms from Kanchipuram, 55 kms from Kanipakam, 146 Kms from Chennai, 120 Kms from Tirupati and 212 Kms from Bangalore, Sripuram Golden Temple dedicated to goddess Mahalakshmi is one of the famous temples in Tamilnadu and it was built using 1500 kilograms of gold.

Vellore-Main-Fort-SRIPURAM-Golden-Temple - goddess Mahalakshmi-tour-packages-chennai

Vellore-Main-Fort-SRIPURAM-Golden-Temple – goddess Mahalakshmi-tour-packages-chennai

Constructed in the year of 2007, Sripuram is the biggest structure made out of gold. The Vimana and Ardha Mandapa have been coated with gold both in the interior and exterior. The temple is built in 100 acres area of land and constructed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani Peedam, headed by spiritual leader Sri Sakthi Amma. One and half tonnes of gold has been used for the construction of the temple with a cost of 600 crore.

The temple is built in Dravidian style with wonderful artisitc work. Sripuram design represents a star-shaped path (Sri chakra) running a length of over 1.8 km. The temple is positioned in the middle of wonderfully maintained lush green landscape . One has to walk along the star path to reach the temple in the middle.

A walk of about 1 km is needed to reach the central gopuram from main temple entrance. The center also provides parking, locker facility and shoe rack facility. Cell Phone, MP3 Player and Camera are strictly prohibited.

The temple is open from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Vellore Same Day Return Package From Chennai . The architecture and design of temple is marvaleous and it is one of must visit places in Vellore trip.

Vellore had the privilege of being the seat of the Pallava, Chola, Nayak, Maratha, Arcot Nawabs and Bijapur Sultan Kindoms. It was described as the best and the strongest fortress in the Carnatic War in the 17th Century. It was witnessed the massacre of European soldier during the mutiny of 1806.

Vellore Fort

The fortification of the fort consists of a main rampart broken at irregular intervals by round towers and rectangular projections. The walls are constructed with hewn kangaroo stones of rectangular shape. This is evidently the work of European engineers at a later period of fort’s history. The narrow wall running round the fort can be reached by a flight of steps at the entrance of the fort.

Vellore-Main-Fort-SRIPURAM-Golden-Temple - goddess Mahalakshmi-tour-packages-chennai

Vellore-Main-Fort-SRIPURAM-Golden-Temple – goddess Mahalakshmi-tour-packages-chennai

At a distance of 1.5 km from Vellore Town Railway Station, Vellore Fort is the 16th century granite fort surrounded by a deep moat set in the heart of the town. It was built by Bommi and Thimma Reddy in the 16th century during the reign of the Vijayanagar king Krishnadeva Raya. The fort was captured in the 17th century by the Adil Shahis, the Muslim rulers from Bijapur. It was then taken by the Marathas, and later by Daud Khan of Delhi in the early 18th century. The British took control of this fort in 1768 and controlled it until Independence. During British rule, the Tipu Sultan’s family and the last king of Sri Lanka, Vikrama Rajasinha were held in as prisoners in the fort. The fort is an excellent example of military architecture and has withstood several attacks.

The Vellore Fort was constructed with granite from the nearby quarries in Arcot and Chittor districts. It spreads over an area of 133 acres. It has huge double walls with large bastions projecting irregularly. There is a big moat around the fort that is still filled with water. At one time it was full of crocodiles. The fort is known for its grand ramparts, wide moat and robust masonry.

The fort houses a Temple, a Mosque and a Church, the renowned Vellore Christian Hospital and many other buildings that are now used as public offices. The Jalagandeeswarar Temple situated inside the fort is noted for its sculptures. The Mosque inside the fort was constructed during the last Arcot Nawab’s period. The Church inside the fort was constructed during the early British period.

This fort also includes Muthu Mandapam, which is a memorial built around the tombstone of Vikrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of Sri Lanka. The Government Museum inside this fort showcases objects of historic value, recovered from the region.

Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple
Sripuram Vellore Golden Temple is a spiritual park at the foot of a small range of green hills at a place called Malaikodi in the city of Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. An important feature is Sripuram Lakshmi Narayani temple or Mahalakshmi temple whose Vimanam and Ardha Mandapam is overlaid with gold inside the temple and exterior.The 20 hectares and was constructed by Vellore-based Sri Narayani peedam led by spiritual leader Sri Shakti Amma, also known as Amma Narayani Temple, which is 55 000 square meters is a set of prints and sculptures in gold.

Balamurugan Temple – Ratnagiri

At a distance of 400 m from Ratnagiri Bus Stop and 17 km from Vellore Town Railway Station, Ratnagiri Balamurugan Temple is an ancient temple located on top of a hillock in Ratnagiri on Vellore – Chennai National Highway. It is one of the important temples around Vellore.

The Ratnagiri Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan. There are two forms of the deity in this temple, one is Lord Thirukkolam, seen with his wives Valli and Devasena and the other is Lord Gurukkolam. The idol of the main deity Bala Murugan was installed in a chariot which is made of granite. The garbhagriha is made of granite and is modeled according to the Chola architecture. The wall surrounding the shrine has small idols of Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Murugan, Brahma, Durga, and Chandikeswarar. There are 2 temples for the Lord Vinayaka, one on top of the hill and another at the bottom of hill.

This temple was built in the 14th century by Arunagiri Nathar. It was renovated in the year 1980 by Bala Muruganadimai Swamy. The temple boasts a huge tower at the entrance. One of the special features of this temple is that the poojas are conducted in Tamil instead of common Sanskrit.

According to the locals, the divine power in the temple manifests its blessings in three forms. First is in the form of the Lord Murugan idol installed inside the sanctum, the second is in the form of Balamurugan and the third is in the form of a devotee. The 14th Century poet Arunagirinathar has sung about this temple as Murugan, the God of Devas resides in Rathnagiri.

Skanda Shasthi is the most important and auspicious festival of the temple when thousands of people gather. In the month of July-August, Aadi Kruthukai is also celebrated with great joy. During the festivals, the idols of Lord Muruga and his wives are decorated with gold and silver. The idols are then taken for a procession on a Golden chariot around the temple.

Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM